Our Mission

The mission of The Palisade Boat Club is to provide safe access to one of the most spectacular waterways in the United States of America to the club members, as well as their families and friends.   We provide multitude of opportunities for recreational enjoyment of our beloved Hudson River while building collegiality, promoting responsible seamanship and forging strong relationship with individuals and organizations who share our passion for what the river has to offer.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Norman McLean

Our History

Prominent men of Yonkers organized the Palisade Boat Club on October 16, 1866 for the purpose of fostering wholesome sport, recreation, sociability and communal activities. The club was subsequently incorporated on March 2, 1868. A large, two story, clubhouse was constructed in late 1869. Much of the boathouse utilized ‘tree nails’ in its river style construction. The club was originally located atop of pilings, along the Hudson River, at the foot of Gold Street within the City of Yonkers. The Palisade Boat Club was renowned for ‘six-oared’ sculling crews, winning many annual regatta events whose banners still adorn the Club’s interior walls.

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