New Membership Category

PBC approved a new membership type, called B Membership that makes it possible for non-boaters to join the club and use some of the resources that in the past were reserved for active members.  Here are the most salient points about this membership type:

  • $375 annual dues payable in advance
  • B Members can enjoy all the privileges of the clubhouse and grounds, except the use of the lockers and boat storage.
  • B Members can have a maximum of 3 guests at a time
  • B Members can attend the annual and opening parties
  • B Members can apply for Active Membership

If you are interested in applying or learning more about joining our club, please contact us

Hudson River Association Meets Again

The January 31 HRBYCA meeting was a success. The Peekskill Yacht Club hosted representatives of many Hudson River boating organizations who belong to this association.  All of them are listed on HRBYCA Club Roster.  Palisade Boat Club representative was in attendance learning about fascinating work of Hudson River pilots.  The controversial barge anchorage proposal was also discussed in a passionate yet respectful manner.  All this means one thing…the boating season is getting closer:)

Hey Tony Dirt! Missing you!

Hudson River News!

Boating on the Hudson is out. Check it out here

HRBYCA meeting is March 29th. See more here 

Boat Room View